Who We Are

We are a medley of followers of Jesus from various churches, ministries and denominations who share a love for God and people. We are not a local church, but serve as a common ground for all believers who share the eternal bond of faith in Jesus Christ.

What We Do

Our mission is to promote unity in the body of Christ by bringing glory to God with one voice and one heart through biblically inspired prayer and worship.

Why We Do It

Biblically-inspired prayer and worship unites our hearts with God’s eternal perspective. Our faith is strengthened and our hope is renewed as we give our complete devotion to God, understanding that He hears and answers our prayers according to the promises in His Word.
Time spent engaging with the Holy Spirit in prayer and God’s Word has the power to transform every heart. In this, we become more like Jesus as a light that shines His love, helping others to love and and follow Him!

Major mission organizations agree that we are very close to a day when every people group on earth will hear the Gospel. This is one of the few remaining signs Jesus said we would see before His return (Matt 24:14)! Much of this momentum is attributed to an unprecedented global movement of prayer. We are part of this movement, not only to pray, but to go proclaim the Gospel of Jesus’ Kingdom!

How We Do It

  • Provide a centralized prayer room for all believers to participate regularly in focused prayer and worship gatherings.
  • Host short-term internships and workshops designed to cultivate a lifestyle of encountering God through prayer and worship.
  • Send out worship-based prayer teams to encourage and provide a “taste and see” experience.

What We Are Believing For

  • Revival in the heart of every follower of Jesus.
  • Awakening for all who do not know Jesus.
  • Tangible transformation in every realm of culture in our city.
  • The visible return of Jesus and His reign on the earth.