Need Prayer?

Healing Teams

The Torchhouse has witnessed several notable healing miracles in the past several years. If you are in need of physical, and/or emotional healing please sign up in the Ministry Team binder at The Welcome Desk or email:

Freedom Teams

These teams are available upon request for anyone who would like to receive freedom prayer ministry from a trained ministry team. Whether it’s freedom from sin, lies, addictions, past hurts, etc., we believe in the healing and redemptive power of the word of God and the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus! We encourage all of our staff and volunteers to participate in freedom rooms on a regular basis. There is power in confession and prayer! These ministry teams work by individual appointments. Sign up for an appointment in the Ministry Team binder at the Welcome Desk or email:

Prophecy Teams

If you would like encouragement and direction from the Lord, the prophecy teams are a great place to start. These teams are made up of individuals who have been trained in ministry etiquette and really take the time to listen to the Lord. We adhere to 1 Corinthians 14:3; that prophetic ministry is for the … “edification, exhortation, and comfort to men.” We offer times from 6-7pm on Friday nights before the Ignite service. To sign up for an appointment, you can schedule one in the Ministry Team Binder at the Welcome Desk or email:

Prayer Wall…

If you would like to post your prayer need for others to join with you in prayer for a need, please fill out your request in the form below…