Are you interested in learning about worship-based prayer? Do you have a desire to go deeper in the Bible and learn how to pray and sing the Scriptures? Are you interested in being on a worship team as a worship leader, singer, musician or prayer leader? Then please join us for our next worship-based prayer workshop!

This workshop is designed to teach how to cultivate not only a personal life of prayer, but learning how to pray with others in a biblical reality that emphasizes how we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, are connected in one body. Our Father in heaven designed us to be a family, connected through His blood and His love, never ceasing to pray for one another, believing that when we gather together and declare His Word, HE IS THERE and that His Word will accomplish what He sent it out to do! This is more than just another model of worship and prayer. It’s about unity in the body of Christ, loving God and loving each other in an atmosphere of enjoyable prayer; Prayers that move heaven and earth and His heart. His presence is the key to everything!

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Worship-based prayer workshops are also available upon request for groups of 4 or more!



As sons and daughters of God, our greatest desire is to hear the voice of our Father. To hear His heart for us and for others! come and join us for a time of learning how to recognize the different ways that God speaks as well as how to have clarity and wisdom in communicating His words to others. This workshop will be a combination of teaching, conversation, and activation. God is always speaking, through His Word and through the Holy Spirit!

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