Statement of Unity

The bible is true…
     Jesus Christ is Lord!
There is —
     One God,
     One Spirit,
     and One Church.

What We Believe

  1. The Lord our God is ONE: There is ONE God, creator of all things who is revealed in the Bible to be eternally Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. Jesus Christ is Lord: By the Father’s plan, the Son became man, was conceived by the Spirit, was born of the virgin Mary, was called Jesus, the Christ, lived without sin, was crucified as an atonement for sin, was resurrected bodily, ascended to the right hand of the Father, presently intercedes for His own, and will return again in power, glory and judgment, fully establishing the eternal kingdom of God.
  3. There is ONE Spirit: By which we are redeemed, sealed, transformed, filled, empowered and gifted. The Holy Spirit is given to those who repent of sin, believe in Jesus and confess Him as Lord.
  4. There is ONE Church: With many members; one body with many functions.
  5. The Bible is true: It is the inerrant, inspired, complete, written Word of God; the final authority and standard for truth that determines what we believe, how we worship and how we live.

Values We Apply to Our Worship Based Prayer Gatherings

  1. Worship: The foundation of prayer is worship and intimacy with God.
  2. The Holy Spirit: Honor the presence and leadership of the Holy Spirit.
  3. The Bible: Use the Bible to pray positive, God-centered solutions and declarations.
  4. Worship-Based Prayer: Combine worship music with prayer.
  5. Order and Flow: Follow structure and leadership while flowing in team ministry.
  6. Unity in Diversity: Honor one another regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, worship style, denomination etc.

What We Are Believing For

  1. Unity in the Body of Christ
  2. Revival in the Church and national awakening
  3. The fulfillment of the Great Commission
  4. The restoration of Israel and salvation of the Jews
  5. The visible return of Jesus and His reign on the earth from Jerusalem

Who We Are

We are a medley of followers of Jesus from various churches, ministries, and denominations who come together in corporate worship-based prayer. We are not a local church, but serve as a common ground for all believers who share the eternal bond of faith in Jesus Christ.

What We Do

Our mission is to promote unity in the body of Christ by bringing glory to God with one voice and one heart through biblically inspired, enjoyable worship-based prayer.

Why We Do This

Biblically inspired prayer and worship unifies our hearts with God’s eternal perspective. Our faith is strengthened and our hope is renewed as we give our complete devotion to God, understanding that He hears and answers our prayers according to the promises in His Word.

Time spent engaging with the Holy Spirit in prayer and in God’s Word has the power to transform our hearts. In this, we become more like Jesus in shining the light of His love and helping others to find and follow Him!

God is raising up a global prayer movent that is fueling an unprecedented increase in missions unto the fulfillment of the Great Commission. As part of this movement, we are here to join the world-wide body of Christ in day and night prayer, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation until He returns!

How We Do This

Prayer Room: A space dedicated to those seeking an opportunity to participate in worship-based prayer gatherings.
The Pursuit: A season of committed devotion to the prayer room to seek the heart of God with others through biblically centered worship based prayer.
Workshops: Interactive classes designed to help cultivate a lifestyle of encountering God through prayer and worship.
Taste and See: Mobile prayer and worship teams that are sent out to inspire the Body of Christ and shine the love of Christ in our community.

How Can You & Your Church Get Involved?

  • Attend one of our worship-based prayer gatherings
  • Unplug from life as usual and plug into God by registering for The Pursuit
  • Sign up to volunteer in the Prayer Room! (Please see our volunteer card for a list of opportunities) (Here are the positions available as seen on the volunteer card: Worship Leader, Assistant Worship Leader, Prayer Leader, Singer, Musician, Section Leader, Welcome Center Host, Sound, Media)
  • Ask your pastor about inviting us to bring a mobile team for a “taste and see” experience or to speak to your congregation about enjoyable worship-based prayer.

We Promote and Encourage Foundational Christian Principles

  1. Love God, love all people, and love ourselves as we are loved by God, unconditionally!
  2. Faith toward God, reflected in a personal relationship with Jesus.
  3. Eternal hope of a future with God and life everlasting.
  4. Lifestyles of devotion to God: love, joy, peace, obedience, faithfulness, purity, consecration, selflessness, repentance and self control.
  5. Lifestyles of personal discipline: Bible reading, prayer, worship, fasting, generosity, serving, helping the helpless, sharing Jesus with others, etc.
  6. Lifestyles of Godly fellowship: love, humility, honor, unity, harmony, honesty, confession, repentance, mercy, grace, kindness, gentleness, patience, reconciliation and forgiveness.